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Bhutan is a beautiful country rich in culture and natural beauty. This fascinating country of dragon is also called as the last Shangri-La or the land of dragon. Bhutan situated at the center of china and India is the paradise of south Asia. Bhutan is a small country with the estimated population of 0.6 million and is also one of the clean and well managed country. This beautiful country is rich in flora, fauna, and variety of colored plants, untouched natural vegetation, lush green forest, and green wilderness. Managed land topography and much more beauty of nature.

Bhutan the country of beauty and prosperity is a perfect destination for all type of trekkers and tourists. This magnificent attractive country possess both large grass land and high mountains. So the sightseeing is much more exciting. The history of Bhutan goes back to 2500 BC so the culture and religion are well balanced to the nature. Bhutan is a peaceful country with a lot of flourishing beauty to offers you the tourists. Fascinating fancy cities, old ancient stupas and monasteries, ruler villages and the hospitality of the inhabitants.

Bhutan tour is a famous tour to enhance the beauty and the surrounding of the country. Commencing tour to Bhutan offers you magnificent lakes, high majestic Himalayas view, warm grass lands fill with colorful floras and wildlife. Explore Bhutan and experience the beauty of the country.

The Mystery of the Dragon Kingdom

The mystery of the dragon kingdom is unknown and unseen. So commence the tour to Bhutan to enhance this mystery and glance the beauty of this country. Tour in Bhutan is a mysterious tour. This country hold some of the most

The Magic of Bhutan Tour

The magic of Bhutan tour is the popular tour that takes you to some of the most famous and beautiful places of Bhutan. Bhutan is a beautiful country filled with natural and cultural beauties. Fascinating Mountain View, ancient monasteries


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